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February 13, 2017 Monthly Board Meeting

Town of Osborn Board Meeting
February 13th, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:45 pm by Chairman, Harlan Volkman. All board members were present.
Al Timm made a motion to approve the January 5th, 2017 meeting minutes as read. Gerald Schultz seconded. Carried.
The Fire Department did not have a January meeting due to an ice storm.
Al Timm made a motion to sign a proposal with RW Management Group Inc to assist the Town of Seymour and Town of Osborn fire departments to combine some of the duties and paperwork. Gerald Schultz seconded. Carried. Roll call vote-Schultz-yes, Volkman-yes, Timm-Yes
Outagamie Officer was present. He had no problems to report.
Noreen Carron was present to discuss switching the liquor license to Cal Knudsen. The board decided to table this discussion until next month to have the opportunity to collect additional information.
Director, Crystal Hallam indicated that the First Responders did not meet. There is a refresher class scheduled for January 2018.
Gerald Schultz made a motion to move the money from Capital Credit Union in Freedom to Community First Credit Union in Nichols where they allow 3 signatures. Al Timm seconded. Carried.
Ann-Marie Karweick gave the financial report.
Gerald Schultz made a motion to sign the ATC Road Agreement. Al Timm seconded. Carried.
The town has an arbitrator to meet with regarding the transmissions lines going next to the town hall. The date has not been sent but two of the board members will go to this hearing.
Al Timm made a motion to sign the easement agreement with ATC so the arbitration can be set up. Gerald Schultz seconded. Carried.
It has been decided to order one cart for each resident and then 50 additional carts to have on hand for new residents and damaged bins. This order will be placed this week and be delivered first part of May. The fire department has volunteered to deliver the bins once they arrive.
Some repairs are needed on the toilets but will not need to be replaced at this time. Harlan Volkman will contact a plumber.
Gerald Schultz made a motion to pay bills with check #’s 8133-8163 for a total of $671,242.25. Al Timm seconded. Carried.
Gerald Schultz made a motion at 10:35 pm to adjourn. Al Timm seconded. Carried.
Respectfully submitted,

Darlene Schultz
Osborn Town Clerk


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