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May 8, 2017 Monthly Board Meeting

Town of Osborn Board Meeting
May 8th, 2017
7:45 pm at the Osborn Town Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:45 pm by Chairman, Harlan Volkman. Treasurer Ann-Marie Karweick was absent at the start but arrived later. All other board members present.

Al Timm made a motion to approve the April 10th, 2017 board meetings as read. Gerald Schultz seconded. Carried.

The minutes from the Fire Department were read. Flash over training is available at Oneida for the members interested in attending.

Director, Crystal Hall was unable to make the meeting.

Plan Commission-no updates

Gerald Schultz made a motion to accept the estimate for Scott Construction on chipsealing Vine Rd, Whitetail Rd and Mielke Rd. Al Timm seconded. Carried.

Roads- Patching needs to be completed on Krueger Rd and a culvert replaced on French Rd.

ATC-no decision made. Town attorney still working with ATC

A new map was reviewed of the proposed Duck Creek Drainage annexation.

Al Timm made a motion to update the ordinance for tobacco license from $5 to $100. Gerald Schultz seconded. Carried.

Al Timm made a motion to appoint Darlene Schultz for 2 years with a salary of $14,500. Gerald Schultz seconded. Carried.

Treasurer, Ann-Marie Karweick gave the financial report.

Town Hall-The furnace has been cleaned and checked.

Gerald Schultz made a motion to pay bills with check #’s 8218-8226 with the exception of 8225 for a total of $31,560.26. Harlan Volkman is calling the Duck Creek Drainage regarding the bill. Al Timm seconded. Carried.

Al Timm made a motion at 10:11 pm to adjourn. Gerald Schultz seconded. Carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Darlene Schultz
Osborn Town Clerk


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