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October 9, 2017 Monthly Board Meeting

Osborn Town Board Meeting
7:45 at the Osborn Town Hall
October 9th, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:45 by Chairman, Harlan Volkman. All board members were present.

Al Timm made a motion to approve the September 11th, 2017 board meeting minutes as read. Gerald Schultz seconded. Carried.

Steve Garvey and Kevin Schuh, Freedom School District board members,were present to explain the November referendum and answer any questions that people had.

The meeting minutes from the October Fire Department meeting were read. Training is scheduled for Monday on a situation of a bus accident.

Director, Crystal Hallam was not present. At the First Responder meeting the refresher course that is required for 2018 was discussed and a new medical director has been hired.

Town of Oneida Chairman, Gary Schaumberg was present to discuss Ranch Lane and how to make it safer for residents exiting and going on to Ranch Rd. It was decided that after the first of the year the Town of Osborn and Town of Oneida is to get together and discuss in detail what actions would be required.

Gerald Schultz made a motion to accept the ATC Settlement Agreement. Al Timm seconded. Roll call vote: Schultz-yes, Timm-yes, Volkman-yes Carried.

The town should be receiving their first bill in regards to the Duck Creek Drainage soon. The Town of Osborn and Town of Black Creek are budgeting to clean the road ditch on Ballard Rd from Mielke to Mullen.

Gerald Schultz made a motion to allow Paul Hermes to update the state system with building permits but his contract also needs to be updated (ACT 211). Al Timm seconded. Carried.

Al Timm made a motion to sign the Outagamie County Mitigation Plan Resolution 10-09-17. Gerald Schultz seconded. Carried.

The county is in the process of purchasing new election machines and the town contract should be received soon.

Al Timm made a motion to take $89,929 from the 1st National Money Market and use it as the ATC Environmental Impact Fee and that the CD at the 1st National Bank is town money. Gerald Schultz seconded. Carried.

Ann-Marie Karweick gave the financial report.

Al Timm made a motion to approve the estimate from Sprister Classic Finisher for painting the interior of the town hall. Gerald Schultz seconded. Carried.

Al Timm made a motion to approve check #’s 8296-8302 for a total of $7,375.26. Gerald Schultz seconded. Carried.

Correspondences were reviewed.

Gerald Schultz made a motion at 9:53 pm to adjourn the meeting and work on the budget. Al Timm seconded. Carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Darlene Schultz
Osborn Town Clerk


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