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April 18, 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

Town of Osborn Annual Meeting DRAFT
April 18th, 2018
8:00 pm at the Osborn Town Hall

The Osborn Annual meeting was called to order at 8:0 pm by Chairman, Harlan Volkman. In attendance was 14 residents, 7 Guests and 5 board members.

The Pledge Of Allegiance was recited and moment of silence to honor our troops.

A motion was made by Ed Miller to dispense from the reading of the Annual Meeting Minutes. Warren Barclay seconded. Carried.

A motion was made by Carl Schaumberg to approve the 2017 Annual Meeting minutes as printed. Brad Johnson seconded. Carried.

A motion was made by Earl Marcks to dispense from the reading of the financial report. Louis Baumgartner seconded. Carried.

A motion was made by Louis Baumgartner to approve the 2017 Financial Report. Carl Schaumberg seconded. Carried.

The Fire Department of the Town of Osborn and Town of Seymour has merged into one department-Rural Seymour Fire Department. Effective January 1st , 2018 the department hired Greg Brown as the Chief/Administrator. Russ Brugger was recognized from the Town of Osborn for retiring after 27 yrs on the department. Chief, Greg Brown discussed the leaflet that was sent in the annual report and reminded everyone prior to burning to call the Chief or one of the Assistant Chiefs.

The First Responder have completed the refresher course. They also reminded people to remove the snow from the address signs so in an emergency the First Responders or Fire Departments can find the location quickly.

Carl Schaumberg from the Plan Commission discussed how they meet as needed. Last year there was no need but have met twice already this year.

Louis Baumgartner made a motion to pay the chairman $6,000 annually and $36 per meeting. Brad Johnson seconded. Carried.

Allyn Staley made a motion to pay the supervisors $3,000 annually and $36 per meeting. Dennis Hoffman seconded. Carried.

Brad Johnson made a motion to pay the treasurer $5,500 annually. Allyn Staley seconded. Carried.

The report on roads for 2017 was that Vine, Whitetail and Mielke roads were chipsealed. This year an overlay and chipseal is to be completed on Krueger Rd. Also, a culvert is to be replaced on Kropp.

Harlan Volkan discussed the Duck Creek Annexation. The west side of Ballard Rd ditch has been cleaned. This summer they are hoping to complete the east side. The committee is currently working with landowners for the annexation.

Jessica and Travis Ullmer presented a proposal for a splash pad at the Rec Nagel Park in Seymour. The Lions Club is looking for donations to help them support this project. They currently are working on some fundraising events but would like the town to consider making a donation. The cost of the project is approx. $100,000 and the splash pad would be about 1,400 sq. ft.

The board then requested an advisory vote.

A motion was made by Doug Hahn that the town board has the ability to make a donation to the splash pad up to a $3,000 limit. Warren Barclay seconded. Hand vote count was done. Yes-8 No-2

The town received money from ATC and with this money has purchased a Kubuto, Audio/Video Equipment, Recycling Carts and assist with the cost of the Duck Creek Annexation.

A motion was made by Louis Baumgartner to set the annual meeting the first Wednesday after the third Tuesday of April at 8:00 pm. The date would be April 17th, 2019. Seconded by Carl Schaumberg. Carried.

Louis Baumgartner made a motion at 9:33 pm to adjourn. Seconded by Warren Barclay. Carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Darlene Schultz
Osborn Town Clerk


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